About Animal Ambulance

Animal Ambulance operates 24 hours a day as a pet ambulance service for Pet Owners and is based at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast. This service is not affiliated with any Veterinary Practices, so your Pet will always be taken to the Vet or Animal Hospital of your choice. Created in 2007, Animal Ambulance is locally owned and operated

The Animal Ambulance Service first started in 2007 after one of Andrew’s pets, a West Highland Terrier, “Indi”, swallowed a foreign object and needed surgery and intensive care for 10 days. As Indi’s regular Vet did not provide 24 hour care, she needed to be transferred regularly to a 24 hour Animal hospital for overnight observation. This required regular transfers and like most busy people, this created a problem for Andrew. There was no service on the Gold Coast that could provide safe and comfortable medical transport for Animals.

After considerable research and consultation with local Vets, Andrew decided he would establish an Animal Ambulance.

In order to provide a comprehensive service, Andrew decided it had to be a 24 hours / 7 day a week service. Also, it had to be supported by an ambulance that was fitted with all the necessary equipment to ensure that every Pet had the best possible care. The Ambulance is fitted with medical oxygen, first aid supplies, fully air conditioned, fluid therapy capability, and safety restraints to make your pet’s ride as stress-free as possible.

The Animal Ambulance is a service for Pet Owners and Vets, to ensure that our best friends get the best possible care and attention.

If you are not sure… have a look at our “Fast Facts & Warning Signs” page to know when a trip to the vet is urgently required.

Should you need this service, call anytime

0400 484 484